After walking through these steps below, you will have a good sense of how to navigate through SpatialKey and how to begin visualizing data.

1) Learn the home interface

Start by getting familiar with the home interface. Learn more >>

2) Import a dataset and open it in a dashboard

Let’s tackle a basic end to end workflow now. If you have a sample dataset that you want to use for the example, go ahead! Just make sure it is in a .csv format and you’ll be all set. If you don’t have a dataset ready, you can download a sample dataset (download .csv file) so you can follow along.

Importing your first dataset. Learn more >>

Opening your dataset in a dashboard. Learn more >>

3) Navigating the dashboard and adding visualizations

What are all of these buttons and options in the dashboard?! It’s really quite simple and we will start by walking through the basics. Learn more >>

4) Let’s share what you’ve done

Now that you have a cool dashboard to show off, let’s go ahead and save it and share it with other users in your organization. Learn more >>

Extra credit

We’ve put together some additional sample datasets for you. Go ahead and download another one and repeat the steps above. After a couple of times through this process, you’ll be ready to move onto the next training session.