What is geocoding?

Excellent question! Geocoding is the process of using address information (like street name, postal code, etc…) to find latitude/longitude coordinates so we know how to place points on maps. For more information, see our section on Importing & Geocoding.

Does Insurity Geospatial geocode non-U.S. addresses?

Insurity Geospatial supports the geocoding of addresses for over 150 different countries. Additionally you can import data that includes latitude and longitude for any location in the world. Non-U.S geocoding is a premium feature – if you would like this enabled for your organization, please contact us.

Can Insurity Geospatial work with real-time data?

Insurity Geospatial addresses most of the requests we get for “real-time” daily or even hourly updates. If you need updates more frequently than that and are working with large data instances please send us a description of your use scenario and we’ll let you know whether Insurity Geospatial can meet your needs.

Does Insurity Geospatial allow me to import shapefiles?

Shapefiles can be imported into Insurity Geospatial. Guidelines for this process are provided in Importing Shapefiles.

Does Insurity Geospatial interface with ArcGIS?

Users can import shapefiles, which can be exported by ArcGIS and other environments, but currently there is no service-level integration. We are interested in customer feedback on this topic, so please contact us with your thoughts.