Hungry for more? These advanced import topics are truly advanced. Usually a developer or admin at your organization will be the one to tackle these items, but if you want to understand these items better, this training section will help you step through them. If you’re looking for a simpler approach to uploading your data, check out SpatialKey Bridge ETL.

1) What Data Management API options are available in SpatialKey?

SpatialKey offers a full Data Management API that allows developers to programmatically create, update, delete SpatialKey datasets. There are various setup steps to getting the API working for your organization. Learn more >>

2) Using the Command Line Tool

If you don’t have a programmer nearby, you can still leverage the power of the API via an easy to use command line tool interface. Learn more >>

3) API Import Configuration File (aka. XML file)

Whether using the Data Management API or the Command Line Tool, you will need to understand what an XML file is and how to create one. Learn more >>

This process is a bit complicated at first because our API supports so many different options, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Maybe even instantly if you use this nice shortcut! Learn more >>