SpatialKey supports a few basemap options that are highlighted in this article.


Our default basemap option uses data from MapBox, a leader in the geo-imagery space. MapBox is able to provide fantastic basemap imagery by integrating the best source available for different zoom levels:

  • From zoom level 1-8, they use data from NASA MODIS satellites, which they have de-clouded
  • As you zoom in from 9-12, their imagery is from NASA/USGS Landsat
  • For the closest levels, zooms 13-19 for the continental US and Western EU, they’ve partnered with Digital Globe, to provide the newest, and highest resolution imagery available

All road data is from OpenStreetMap, which is an open source map of the world.  


Bing maps are available as an additional licensing option. Bing is a great option for clients who need more complete aerial imagery coverage around the world. The satellite data is from a variety of sources by primary users Digital Globe data. Road data is from NAVTEQ. Contact us if you would like to learn more about licensing Bing basemaps.  

Any dataset can be visualized on a basemap, however a dataset geocoded by Bing requires visualization on a Bing basemap.  Click here for more details.


For users who license MapQuest premium geocoding services through SpatialKey, geocoded results can be visualized on any basemap and are not limited to MapQuest basemaps.