The March 2011 release of SpatialKey features a redesigned reporting interface with many improvements. This release features several significant changes to the reporting

What’s New

The following videos provide an overview of the commonly used features in the new reporting interface as well as new features provided in the beta release of SpatialKey.

Basic Layer Configuration Settings

Explore basic layer settings in the layer manager:

– The layer’s visibility and opacity on the map.

– The attribute from your dataset used to map the data.

– They type of rendering used to display your data, like heatmap or thematic map.

Map Legend

Explore the all new map legend:

– Toggle visibility of the legend

– Multiple datasets on the legend

– Removing layers from the legend

Basemap Configuration Options

Explore basemap configuration options:

– Switch between street, satellite, or hybrid

– Switch between map providers

– Adjust colors and opacity

Layer managers settings

Exploring the layer manager:

– Show, hide and minimize the layer manager

– Accessing basic and advanced settings

Reordering Map Layers

Controlling the order of map layers:

– Changing the order of layers

– How order affects the visual appearance of layers

– How order affects clicking on the map

Custom shapes

Filtering with custom drawn shapes:

– Adding a custom shape layer

– Filtering with custom shapes

– Modifying shapes

For more information on these topics, check out the Legend OverviewLayer Manager, and Custom Shapes articles and videos.