Associating an external webpage with a single record in SpatialKey is easy.  There are many different situations where this makes more sense than importing all of the data into SpatialKey.

  • If you are visualizing real estate sales, you may have an external site that provides details for each transaction and only import information into SpatialKey that you use for filtering.
  • With crime data, you may have a record link to a detailed view of the report.
  • For insurance data, you may want to link to view a policy contract or claim record from your internal records.

By linking to an external page you can greatly reduce the number of fields that need to be imported into SpatialKey and only import the fields that are needed for filtering.  SpatialKey automatically recognizes data that has external links where data within a column is prefixed with “http://” – see “Transaction_details” column in sample data below.

Any data prefixed with “http://” will be automatically linked and can be accessed in a couple of the dashboard pods.