This 5-video tutorial will quickly get you up and running with SpatialKey. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll know your way around SpatialKey and will be able to import and analyze your data and save and share your results.

You can view all 5 videos in sequence using the playlist at the top, or select specific videos from the series below.

#1 – The Basics (2:21)

This tutorial gives an overview of the SpatialKey platform and what you can do within it. It also gets you up to speed on terminology in the platform, so you’ll be able to navigate within it easier.

#2 – Mapping Your Data (2:24)

Learn how to import your data and display it on a map, as well as how to view the map legend and select and customize your basemap.

#3 – Visualizing Your Data (3:16)

Learn how to change the way your data is visualized to uncover trends and tell your story.

#4 – Using Pods and Filters (3:04)

Learn how to view and filter your data to uncover trends and tell your story.

#5 – Layers and Shape Filters (3:42)

Learn how to add and filter by shapes, including custom polygons