SpatialKey is different in a number of ways:

  • GIS tools typically take users weeks or months to learn and are designed for GIS specialists who produce maps. This significantly limits adoption and use of location-based information throughout an organization. SpatialKey enables users to be productive in minutes and is specifically designed to help decision makers interactively analyze and share location-based information regardless of their job function or training.
  • GIS tools typically deliver publishable maps. SpatialKey produces interactive analysis and reports that can be shared among multiple individuals and groups.
  • GIS tools use data that is prepared and summarized to generate a specific map. SpatialKey enables users to work directly and interactively with information imported from other business systems, making every important detail available for analysis and export.
  • GIS tools can take weeks or months to deploy within an organization. SpatialKey can be deployed to small or large organizations in just a few hours.