Are the UI elements in SpatialKey available as individual components that I can build into another application?

Our components require the underlying architecture of SpatialKey to operate. As such, we have no plans to offer them on a standalone basis.

Can I create shapes or polygons within SpatialKey for reporting and analysis?

SpatialKey enables users to draw, name, and save shapes and polygons. These can be used for Proximity Filtering and buffer zone analysis. To learn how to create and interact with custom shapes, check out this article.

Can I use my own map-based layers in SpatialKey?

SpatialKey supports Web Map Service (WMS) and Tile Map Service (TMS) layers.  Learn how to visualize these in SpatialKey with this article.

Are APIs available to create a custom interface on top of SpatialKey?

We are currently evaluating this.  Please contact us with your use cases and requirements.

Does SpatialKey support time and distance calculations?

We are evaluating several approaches to this. We would like customer feedback on use cases and priorities. Please contact us.

Can I make my SpatialKey reports publicly available, for example on my website, without requiring a login?

Yes! The simplest way is to create an image of your report from the SpatialKey dashboard and post it on your website. If you are looking for something more interactive than an image, there are a couple of options:

  1. SpatialKey has a feature available for license where reports can be published to a URL that is public. If you are interested in licensing or learning more about this option, please contact us.
  2. SpatialKey offers an Embedded Client API that provides the ability to launch SpatialKey and log users directly into the application bypassing the login screen.  This allows SpatialKey to be integrated into existing applications within an iFrame or launching in a separate browser window without requiring them to log into a separate system. When launching the SpatialKey client you have the option to launch directly to the home screen, into a saved dashboard, or use a dashboard template to launch with datasets of your choosing. For more information on this option, check out this article.