SpatialKey supports a variety of integration options and APIs to help our systems talk to your systems. We even have a version of the Data Management API that doesn’t require any programming knowledge to use! Check out the list below for details on our APIs. You’ll find instructions on how to get started and links to download all necessary files.

SpatialKey Bridge ETL

SpatialKey Bridge ETL is a user-friendly app that sits on a user’s desktop and does the work of converting and uploading RMS EDM information for use in SpatialKey. Historically, insurers developed custom transformation queries to manually extract data for further analytic processing within SpatialKey applications. Now, it’s as simple as installing the application, pointing to your SQL Server and selecting one or many portfolios from your library of EDMs – the rest is automatic, and insurers will have ready-access to their exposure data. Learn more here.

Data Management REST API v2.0

The SpatialKey Data Management API allows developers to programmatically create, update, delete SpatialKey datasets.  Since the API consists of simple HTTP calls, developers can utilize it in a variety of platforms and programming languages (like Java, ColdFusion, .Net, PHP, etc.). Click to Learn More.

Here are some quick links to jump to the section in the API documentation that you may need:

No programming knowledge?  You can leverage our API to create and update data in SpatialKey with the Data Management API Command Line Tool.

Embedded Client API

The SpatialKey Embedded Client API provides the ability to launch SpatialKey and log users directly into the application bypassing the login screen.  This allows SpatialKey to be integrated into existing applications within an iFrame or launching in a separate browser window without requiring them to log into a separate system. When launching the SpatialKey client you have the option to launch directly to the home screen, into a saved dashboard, or use a dashboard template to launch with datasets of your choosing. Click to Learn More.